Maidment Land Surveys Ltd.

Topographic surveys

Subdivision surveys

Topographic or Site Surveys are used for detailed engineering, architecture, and planning. They can also be used to maintain an inventory of all features on a parcel of land.

While the specifics of these surveys can be adapted to meet your needs, some of the typical features include:

  • Performing a search for a certificate of title, registered documents, and plans
  • Performing a boundary survey
  • Surveying all visible permanent features including buildings, concrete, asphalt, above ground utilities, fences, trees, bushes, and signs.
  • Underground utilities can be derived from municipal records and onsite locates, as required.
  • Inverts on manholes and catch basins can be provided where needed.
  • Elevations are taken throughout the site and can also include elevations on main floors and roofs.

Once all information is collected, we then prepare this into a detailed plan and provide you with PDF and AutoCAD copies for your use.